Join the real estate revolution
Atomo is a digital real estate agency that puts up to 90% of the commission back in YOUR pocket.

Let’s get real; it's YOUR face that vendors have come to trust. So why should you give away such a big chunk of YOUR commission? 

YOU are the one doing the hard work.

Are you interested in;
  •  Increasing YOUR income (without doing more work)?
  •  Increased freedom and flexibility?
  •  Moving to a Real Estate Agency that fully embraces all things digital?
  •  Building YOUR own business?
  •  Joining a dynamic culture?
  •  Increasing YOUR commission to a minimum of 80%?
We have removed the inefficiencies that exist in traditional real estate models. We're giving all the benefits back to YOU and your vendors. No franchise layers, no comb overs and definitely no fax machines.

Atomo is a talented team of people from real estate, technology, digital marketing and high growth businesses. Together our team is building something unique that YOU might like to be a part of.

We have a unique model. We are not price discounters. We are full service, fully digital and moving with the times.. 

Atomo doesn’t set the commission, YOU do. It’s completely up to YOU. YOU are the expert. It's YOUR call. 

We are a full service, digital real estate agency that is lean and efficient.  
Discover what you could earn with Atomo:
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It’s not for everyone
Here’s some of the magic ingredients YOU have to bring to the table;
  •  YOU are highly motivated and able to work autonomously.
  •  YOU don’t crave that desk in the office. You love to work remotely from your home, a cafe, your mother in-law's house or even the beach!
  •  YOU value your time ruthlessly - you’ll happily jump on a video call to connect with a colleague, vendor or purchaser instead of spending that extra time in the car driving to a meeting.
  •  YOU’LL drive all of your business through your digital devices. So, if you are a “pen and paper” person, this is probably not for you.
  •  YOU hate being micro-managed and you prefer to set your own goals and targets.
  •  YOU have an established network of repeat clients. You have a social media following and an email list. You are a great networker and listing agent.
  •  YOU are a confident negotiator that loves doing deals - listing deals, closing sales… frankly, any sort of deal. You probably sold your lunch or toys when you were a kid!!
Want to learn more?
Atomo is building an amazing team of people who plan on changing the face of real estate. The world is going digital and the real estate industry is one of the last bastions to make the move. Why? With the average age of an Agency owner being 105, it’s probably not surprising!

We think that in this age of ‘Digital Disruption’, it’s always better to lead than to follow. Consider the impact AirBNB, Uber, Netflix and Xero have had on traditional industry models. Real Estate is next.

If you like the sound of Atomo, then let’s get to know each other. Fill out the form and we will be in touch.
#1 reason that would make you move to Atomo
The world is going digital - are you?
The world as we know it is changing fast. YOUR customers spend more time online than ever before and the average person spends more than 3 hours a day on their smart phone.

Vendors want instant access to feedback, regular communication and the results to match. They want to see YOU less but hear from YOU more.

Consumers worldwide are moving away from the big brands and back to more personal relationships. They demand awesome service and real time results, delivered to their digital devices. We are “digital first”. No high street offices. No dusty, faded window cards. No forced office time waiting for people, printers or faxes.

Just technology led transparency and results for all.
Who are Atomo?
We continually stretch ourselves to exceed our customers' expectations. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. 
We have created world class digital tools and services for our buyers, vendors and agents that gives time back to everyone. 
Atomo’s culture enables people to do the best work of their lives.
What’s in it for you?
  •  Chances are, you’re going to make more money at Atomo. YOUR commission starts at 80% increasing to 90% as you hit sales thresholds each year. 
  •  No corporate overlord sitting over YOU, expecting you to hit KPI’s or asking you to turn up to time wasting meetings.
  •  Our job is to support and enable YOU. We see ourselves as a service provider and back stop for when YOU need advice.
  •  Digital sales meetings and quarterly face to face shin digs in cool locations (Not Gore, Invercargill or Masterton).
  •  No territory restrictions. None. This isn't 1995 people. List and sell a property anywhere.
  •  A back-office team supporting YOU in marketing, operations and compliance.
  •  YOUR own personalised website and property CRM, with loads of awesome content to keep your website and social media channels fresh and active.
  •  Total freedom to list and sell every property at a commission YOU decide. 
  •  If you want other Atomo (or 3rd party) agents to sell your listings, that’s up to YOU. You decide on the commission split with your colleagues and then its ‘bombs away’.
  •  Cool mobile apps that will make tech savvy vendors want to rip your smart phone out of YOUR hands. 
  •  Tools and digital marketing to attract new vendors, help YOU generate listings and market properties. Atomo will help YOU find new buyers and put your listings in their hands.
  •  Atomo will handle all of your REA agency compliance - YOU just have to do your bit as an agent.
  •  Unlimited training and support from the Atomo team.
  •  A great bunch of people that YOU will love working with.
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